Excellent leadership and vibrant management

The challenge of excellent leadership can be described by three key criteria: One has to be authentic, effective and inpiring. These qualitites can be developed and shaped - understanding leadership as as journey to maturity, vitality and soulfulness. Mastering organisational forces is a key incentive for modern leadership in agile organisations. Long term success can be fostered by complementing talents and attentive care for organisational forces.

With nature and progress, I offer mentoring and process facilitation to leaders, teams and organisations on their way to a powerful  and dynamic balance. In Coachings, trainings, seminars and consultancy, potential is experienced and useful interventions are found. Awareness is directed to hidden forces, self-efficacy and supportive organisational framework.

Excellent leadership makes use of complementary perspectives:

  • Management of the inner world: Perceiving the inner ressources and experience: Individual orientation, self-management and responsibility. To activate intuition, embodiment, relatedness and the inner witness to find an inner attitude of freedom. To find expressions for motivation, inspiration, belonging, safety, alignement, result, farewell and new beginning.
  • Management of the outer world: Perceiving the outer ressources and behaviour: To control boundaries and relationship, precise contracts and attentive communication, feedback, self-organisation, the work on processes and organisation, on vision, mission and strategy. Excellent leadership becomes visible: In presence, synergy, co-creation and living values.

By changing these perspectives, leaders and organisations can improve their self-efficacy and strive for powerful changes. Systemic interventions set impulses. The susceptibility for organisational forces (motivational, relational, structural and transformal) invite to find common orientation, consistent change and appropriate measures.

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